This page presents the technical details of this site. You can read more about the purpose and content of the website, as well as the author on About page.

My site has no ads, no affiliate links, no tracking or analytics, no sponsored posts, and no paywall - as it should be. My only motivation for this site is to share what I’ve learned with the world.


The code for this website is hosted on GitHub and auto deployed everyday at 5 am UTC to my webserver. The website is build using Hugo.


It is my intention to limit unnecessary user tracking. For transparency I have described the main ways which a visitor to the site may be tracked.

Servers and logs

Technical definitions: A “request” means the standard HTTP request your web browser or other client software transmit to a server for the purpose of retrieving a resource. “Request information” refers to the standard HTTP request headers sent to the server by your web browser or other client software and can include the time of the request, the name of client software, your preferred language, and other standard headers.

All providers may collect and store your request information temporarily and use it exclusively for the purposes of delivering this website to you and to detect and block automated misuse and security issues (“malicious bot activity”).


This site does not use any analytics whatsoever.

Secure communications

Everything served from this site is loaded over an encrypted connection between your device and the server (HTTPS) providing added protection against surveillance and interference by third-parties.


This website make use of the system font stack as much as possible.