Why I stopped using Facebook

On 1 January 2012 I stopped using Facebook. That’s 3 years ago. I didn’t miss it for a second!

Here are three reasons why I stopped:

1. Waste of time

I felt I was wasting to much of my time on Facebook. Got enough to do with my own businesses and my part time job. I was planning to spend the time I would have left on a day to study something new.

2. Privacy

The trends I “follow,” the organisations that I “like,” the locations that I “check-in”, and all the things that I share. These are all components of my electronic Facebook personality profile. These profiles are being compiled and data-mined for targeted advertisement.

“If a product you are using is free, you are the product.”

3. Focusing on my professional network

The time wasted on Facebook I could better use to build my professional network. Making connections with people who can enhance my career path.

You can still find me on the internet :-)

Still using Twitter for news consumption and LinkedIn for my professional network.