Why I developed Fletta?

I work part time in one of the biggest hotels of Amsterdam at the reception desk where peoples with various profiles including tourists and business delegation are visiting. Although there is a big diversity in the profession of the hotel visitors, they have one thing in common; they all need to print their boarding passes and find information on the internet.

In order to provide better customer experience, we decided to install iPads on a large table in the lobby with a printer connected to them, and let our guests use them for free. Everyone liked the idea and the setup got a big popularity. The guests were using the whole setup for printing tickets, boarding passes, and other documents.

Later we found that our guests started using our iPads to connect with their friends and families through Facebook, Twitter, and email. Because of the lazy nature of people, they usually left the iPads with their accounts logged-in; they just forget to log off their accounts. This gave the receptionists another duty, to cross check iPads for already logged-in accounts and if found log out of them

This gave me the idea of developing a browser that automatically erases history and login details after a certain time. Of course, there should be the option to print documents as well as erase personal data manually. And tada Fletta 1 was born.

One year later the hotel introduced the idea of displaying bookmarks to our hotel visitors so they can be provided with useful links such as train and metro schedules, excursion booking portals, and more. This gave me an opportunity to rewrite Fletta.

Fletta 2 is written in Swift (an intuitive programming language for iOS, OS X, and watchOS), which enables me to use the latest technologies which Apple provides in iOS.

Result: Fletta is twice as fast and has less errors. And with the new bookmark feature