Quiet moving to Universal Purchases

First of all thank you for using Quiet all this time :-) I really appreciate the feedback you have given me and as always I will keep supporting and maintaining Quiet.

What is Universal Purchases?

Distribute iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS versions of your app as a universal purchase to let customers easily enjoy your app and in‑app purchases across platforms. They’ll only need to purchase once on the App Store. Learn more...

Quiet is available on macOS and iOS. They are seperate app records, those cannot be merged. I've looked in the App Store Connect Analytics section and the macOS version of the app has bigger user base than the iOS version. In order to enable universal purchase I have to remove the current version of Quiet from the iOS App Store. A consequence is that this version of the app can no longer be updated.

What you need to do

I will make Quiet free untill the end of April 2020 so you have plenty of time to get the new version from the App Store. If you didn't get it in time please email me.

Download the new Quiet 2.6 from the App Store and remove the the current version of the App.

But why?

  • For you it means you have bought the app once and have it available on all supported devices.
  • Users that have bought Quiet on the Mac will get the iOS version free of charge.
  • Users that have bought Quiet on iOS also get the Mac version free of charge.
  • For me it is easier to maintain the app and less administration with each update.