The 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma

In the book Robin Sharma discusses the benefits of waking up at 5 AM and using the early morning hours for personal development and productivity. The book includes strategies and techniques for developing a successful morning routine, as well as stories and examples from successful individuals who have implemented this practice in their own lives. The idea is that the early hours of the day, before the distractions and demands of the day start, are the best time to focus on yourself and your goals.

“Art feeds my soul. Great books battleproof my hope. Rich conversations magnify my creativity. Wonderful music uplifts my heart. Beautiful sights fortify my spirit.”

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”

“Limitation is nothing more than a mentality that too many good people practice daily until they believe it’s reality. It breaks my heart to see so many potentially powerful human beings stuck in a story about why they can’t be extraordinary, professionally and personally. You need to remember that your excuses are seducers, your fears are liars and your doubts are thieves.”