Celebrating five years of Quiet, and a note on our exciting future

As the world has become more and more digitally driven, it has never been easier to become distracted. Today, we have a whole world of possibilities and answers at our very fingertips. However, these possibilities can lead to distractions, and it can also lead to risks. From data tracking and harvesting to potentially dangerous and malicious platforms, our freedom to explore the web comes with potential threats.

That is why, five years ago, we created Quiet.

As an app aimed at trying to block dangerous, irritating, or otherwise time-consuming content on Safari for macOS and iOS, Quiet helps you to stay focused. Over the years, we have added various features to help us block access to social media platforms, social media sharing tools, comments, chat bubbles, notifications, cookies, and even Google Translate.

In short, Quiet looks to give you what you need – a more focused internet that removes the temptation of distraction. For five years, we have focused on the development of an easy to use application that makes the internet a safer place. Quiet also makes it easier to retain concentration on the matter at hand without being distracted by social media and other interactions that you don’t need at that moment.

Five years is a long time, and in that time, we have continued to add a gluttony of new features to Quiet. What started out as a simple social media blocking app has become a more focused product. Now, those ‘quick checks’ of Twitter or Facebook can come to an end – as can interactions with other annoying, time-consuming sub-features of websites. If you want to keep the internet quiet and stay focused on your task at hand, our app has provided the ideal blocker for five years.

What does the future hold for Quiet?

Of course, in the five years since our foundation we have seen the internet change forever. There is more to do, more options to explore, and more opportunities than ever before. That is why we are set to release Quiet 3.0 – a massive update for our app that adds even more features to the equation. New noise exists all the time on the web, so we look to counter the increasing risk of distraction by adding:

  • Rules are updated in CloudKit, allowing for easier updates to be sent out in the future.
  • The opportunity to include your own bespoke links and URLs to block access to.
  • New rules for Analytics, Twitch, and Snapchat to help offer even more blocking.
  • Reporting of websites where the Hide filters are not applied or not applied correctly.
  • Mac app: Network Filters to help block rules system wide, not just in Safari.
  • Mac app: Automation managed in-app, with background checks for new updates.
  • iOS app: Shortcuts and background tasks running on iOS to help further expand automation and updating of rules.

As you can see, Quiet 3.0 is going to offer the most diverse, powerful range of features yet. As we develop, so does the online world – and we want to stay ahead of the challenges faced online for everyone. If you want to make the internet a quiet place, come and join our users in making life a little more focused.

Our first five years have been incredible, with more features than ever expected at launch. In another five years, we hope to put even more power in your hands than any other blocking app!

Get Quiet today, and enjoy an easier, safer, more focused browsing experience for years to come.