Sunsetting SecKey

Dear SecKey user,

Unfortunately the time has come to say goodbye to SecKey. It served us all for almost 4 years. In that time I enjoyed the feedback you have given and also the donations given as a sign of appreciation. Times change, I am really busy with the app Quiet.

Also Apple has built in two factor authentication and one time password support into Keychain. Much better experience than SecKey can offer.

In this update I also added an Copy Secret button, which allows you to add the secret from the One Time Password to Apple Keychain or other One Time Passwords apps when you have not updated to iOS 15 or macOS 12 yet.

Every 10th launch of SecKey this message will be shown to remind you to move your one time passwords to Apple Keychain or another OTP app.

SecKey will be removed from the App Store on 1 November 2021. The app will still work after deletion from the App Store but can't be updated anymore.

Thank you for the time you have been a SecKey user.