For a dance in the alley;

For breaking the taboo of kissing in public;

For our sisters, mine and yours;

For a change in the minds of the fanatics;

For father’s shame for empty pockets;

For the longing for a normal life;

For the dreams of the dumpster kids;

For this command economy;

For this polluted air;

For the dying Tehran’s landmark trees;

For the Persian cheetah (Pirouz) about to go extinct;

For the unjustly banned street dogs,

For these non-stop tears;

For the loss of the downed passengers;

For the faces that smile no more;

For the school kids, for the future;

For this forced road to paradise;

For the jailed beautiful minds;

For the neglected Afghan refugee kids;

For this list that goes on and on;

For these meaningless hostile chants;

For the rubbles of the bribe-built houses;

For feeling peace of mind;

For the rise of sun after long-lasting nights;

For the tranquilizers and insomnia;

For man, homeland, prosperity;

For the girl who wished she was a boy;

For woman, life, freedom.

A beautiful song that is now the soundtrack of the protests in Iran. I cried!