Being more positive

This years theme is being more positive.

I am pessimistic. If you look at the state of the world, technology, people, energy crisis, climate crisis, war in Ukraine, protests in Iran, whole generation scarred by 2 years of lock downs because of covid, echo chambers, bubbles, trump, covid crazy conspiracy theorists, big companies spying on users, privacy is dead and so much more. It is not that hard to be pessimistic like me about the future.

But there is also a lot of good stuff going on in the world. People still want to do good.

Like this dad asking for help to re-active his autistic daughter's Instagram account. This post was read by some human at Meta and they helped. It is a shame that you need to have a public post like this to get in contact with another human being with these big companies that outsource support to chat robots. But that is a different story, this is an happy story, a pearl.

Also I want to write and read more this year. That is why I intent to complete 100DaysToOffload challenge this year.