Comments rule in Quiet

What does the Comments rule do?

  • Block connections to all servers used to display Comments sections and their scripts.
  • Hide Comments sections from websites that include them in their webpages.

{{< before-after src-before="quiet-rule-comments-before.png" title-before="Comments before blocked by Quiet" src-after="quiet-rule-comments-after.png" title-after="Comments after blocked by Quiet">}}

Why block & hide Comments from websites?

Hiding comments can enhance your focus by eliminating distractions and interruptions, enabling you to concentrate on the content that interests you. The comments section of a website can often be cluttered, consuming valuable screen real estate. By hiding comments, the visual appearance of the website can be streamlined, freeing up space to view the content you are interested in.

The reading experience is improved by suppressing the noise and distractions associated with comments sections, making it particularly useful for websites with numerous comments or ones that contain off-topic, spammy, or irrelevant comments.

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