'Relevant Content' rule in Quiet

What does the 'Relevant Content' rule do?

  • Block connections to all servers used to display 'Relevant Content' and their scripts.
  • Hide 'Relevant Content' from websites that include them in their webpages.

{{< before-after src-before="quiet-rule-relevant-before.png" title-before="'Relevant Content' before blocked by Quiet" src-after="quiet-rule-relevant-after.png" title-after="'Relevant Content' after blocked by Quiet">}}

Why block & hide 'Relevant Content'?

Taboola, Revcontent, Adblade, Content.ad, and others frequently appear on websites associated with false information. The 'Relevant Content' blocks are designed to look like related content suggestions and often feature attention-grabbing headlines and direct marketing offers.

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