Share Buttons rule in Quiet

What does the Share Buttons rule do?

  • Block connections to all servers used by Share Buttons and their scripts.
  • Hide the Share Buttons from websites that include them in their webpages.

{{< before-after src-before="quiet-rule-sharebuttons-before.png" title-before="Share Buttons before blocked by Quiet" src-after="quiet-rule-sharebuttons-after.png" title-after="Share Buttons after blocked by Quiet">}}

Why block & hide Share Buttons?

Sharing a website URL is a feature that has been integrated into most modern web browsers. This means that users can easily share a link to a website they are currently visiting with others by simply clicking on the appropriate button within their browser. However, it is not necessary for websites themselves to include specific "Share Buttons" on their pages, as the functionality is already built-in to the browser. Additionally, the use of browser-based sharing options allows for greater flexibility and compatibility across different devices and platforms, as opposed to relying on website-specific sharing buttons that may not be supported by all browsers or devices.

Share buttons, while they may seem like a convenient way to quickly share a website or piece of content with others, can also pose a significant privacy concern. This is because many share buttons, such as those provided by Facebook or other social media platforms, have the ability to send information back to the company or organisation that created the button. For example, if a website includes a Facebook "Like" or "Share" button, this integration can be used by Facebook to track the behavior and browsing habits of the website's visitors. This data is then typically collected and analysed by the company behind the button, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as targeted advertising or user profiling. As a result, using share buttons can potentially compromise the privacy of website visitors, and it's important for website owners to be aware of the implications of including these buttons on their pages.

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