Making this website in Swift - part 1

Over the weekend, I set myself a big challenge: I wanted to switch my website from using Hugo, which is a static site generator, to a different one called Publish. This new one is made in Swift by John Sundell. Since I'm really into Swift this year, I thought it would be cool to use it for my website too. I thought about making a guide to show others how to do it too, but lots of people have already done that. Instead, I'll share links to those guides so you can check them out!

How to get started
Creating a custom theme

Publish comes with a basic design called Foundation that's great for starting out and trying things. But I have my very own design called Yellow, which I used with Hugo before. To make it work with Publish, I took the style and layout from Yellow and began with the index page. I had another tab open in my web browser showing how the old Hugo version of my site was set up. This way, I could look at the html code and build the new version in Publish by following along.

The first thing I focused on was creating a list of all the posts for the homepage.


<div class="container">
        <h2>Latest entries</h2>
        <div class="posts">
            {{ range $pages.Pages }}
            <div class="post">
                <a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">
                    <div class="post-row">
                        <time>{{ .Date.Format "02/01" }}</time>
                        <h3>{{ .Title }}</h3>
            {{ end }}


SiteContainer {
    SiteSection {
        H2("Latest entries")

        let allEntries = context.allItems(sortedBy: \.date, order: .descending)
        let lastFiveEntries = Array(allEntries[0...5])
            items: lastFiveEntries,
            sectionID: Site.SectionID.init(rawValue: "journal")!

Recreating the website wasn't too tough. The Foundation theme in Publish is like a helpful starting point. It shows you how things work and makes it easier to create your own unique theme.

My struggles so far

When I was working on my website, I noticed there aren't many guides or examples for making custom themes with Publish. Right now, if you look on GitHub, there are about 187 repositories that use the Publish package.

Comparing it to Hugo, Hugo is more developed and adaptable. For instance:

  • With Hugo, I could include HTML right in my markdown files, but that's not possible with Publish... which is a bit of a bummer.
  • I had to create a plugin myself to generate RSS feeds for each tag, while Hugo already had that feature built-in.
Still to tackle
  • Adding Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of each post.
  • Adding code highlighting to make it look really sharp.
  • Giving the projects page a fresh new design.
The cherry on top

I made this website open source. This adds to having more examples available. Feel free to look around.

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