Making this website in Swift - part 2

If you are interested in making your own theme for Publish, then here are some examples:

Small bugs and incomplete

While using Publish and Plot I encountered a lot of small bugs. Like not ending a url with a slash. Resulting in unnecessary redirects. Not having the me case for link relationships and much more.

For now it is workable and almost good enough for my needs. Until I write my own DSL (Domain Specific Language) to write HTML and other web markup languages in Swift. Plus writing my own static site generator in Swift will be a nice challenge. I like writing my website in Swift. Not having to leave the tools I use everyday is also a plus and it proves that Swift can be used for a lot more than iOS app development.

New additions
  • nice code syntax styling
  • css minifier
  • a custom head, so it doesn't add all the twitter metadata and fixed some weird stuff with homepage title
  • allowed robots to scan and index the site
  • added some site verification for Google and Bing Webmaster tools
  • updated the readme, so it clear how to run this project localy
  • added email address to my public key page
  • created a next and previous navigator that lives below each article, so you can keep reading...
struct Suggested<Site: Website>: Component {
    var context: PublishingContext<Site>
    var item: Item<Site>
    var body: Component {
        let items = context.allItems(sortedBy: \.date)
        let index = items.firstIndex(of: item) ?? 0
        let last = items.endIndex - 1
        return Navigation {
            if index != 0 {
                let previousItem = items[index - 1]
                Link(url: previousItem.path.absoluteString) {
            if index < last {
                let nextItem = items[index + 1]
                Link(url: nextItem.path.absoluteString) {

What is next?

I want to revamp the projects page and the style of the project pages. After that I will do some research in making my own static site generator and if there already is a DSL good enough to write web markup languages in Swift.

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