BrandBook makes connecting your employees with your brand identity as easy as clicking a button. By keeping everything about your brand in one place, you can empower your team to use it the right way. Why do it any other way?

BrandBook is quick and easy to use every employee gets BrandBook for free and all they have to do is download a BrandBook Package with an identifier and token.

It’s so simple to use they’ll know what to do from the moment they get started:

- Instantly export logos in the right formats and dimensions

  • Install all your brand fonts in Font Book with ease
  • Add your brand colours to the default macOS Colour Panel
  • Attach email signatures to any email program
  • Update the dictionary and spellchecker with brand-specific terms
  • Enhance productivity with intuitive templates that simplify everything
  • Access comprehensive brand guidelines in seconds

BrandBook changes with your business brands and businesses change over time, and so does BrandBook. When a designer changes a logo, the IT department updates a font or the marketing department introduces a new slogan, your entire team knows. With instant push notifications that keep everyone in the loop, BrandBook ensures you’re always ready for business.

Note: BrandBook is no longer available


Build with AppKit, CoreData, CloudKit, and other core macOS technologies for system integration.


BrandBook screenshotBrandBook screenshotBrandBook screenshotBrandBook screenshotBrandBook screenshotBrandBook screenshot