Fletta is a webbrowser specially designed for usages in public places, for example in hotels, restaurants, libraries, etc. It wil take cares of your users privacy.

Clean: When users push the recycle button Fletta will delete all history, cookies and cache. Fletta Clean Button

Print: Users can easily print a document or a webpage. On a printer in the same network, using AirPrint. Fletta Print Window

Privacy: You can let Fletta automatically delete all history, cookies and cache, after a periode of inactivity. This to give your users the privacy the want. By default Fletta will block cookies from third parties. Fletta Privacy Settings

Search: You can choose a search engine to best serve your users. Option are Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo Fletta Search Engine Settings

Note: Fletta is since 2018 no longer available.


First version of Fletta was written in Objective-C. When Swift was introduced I rewrote the app in Swift. UIKit, Foundation, WebKit were the frameworks used.