Hospbit was a web application for companies and delivers support for building maintenance. Your maintenance staff can use our service for detailed reports and analyses.

  • Users You can create user accounts for your employees. With the permissions system you can grant access to designated parts of the system. This is useful when you have a lot of users from different departments.
  • Locations and Categories You can organise the input from your employees by defining categories and locations. It becomes easier to make detailed reports because of this streamlined input. For example, you can request a detailed overview containing all active and resolved tasks.
  • Delegation Our application allows the maintenance department to keep track of their work. A manager can then delegate tasks to employees within your company. The delegated tasks will appear in the employees personal todo list.
  • Todo lists You can decide to give your employees access to their personal todo list. This todo list contains all the tasks you expect them to complete.
  • Search With the build in filter system you can easily perform advanced search requests. For example you could obtain an overview of all pending tasks, or generate detailed reports per location or category.
  • Export With a single click you can export your selected items in PDF format. This makes it easy to print overviews for employees, or hand them out to third parties.

Our service is operational in an online environment. This means that you do not have to pay any installation fee and you will receive product improvements instantly without additional cost.

Our application is 24/7 available from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The interface of our service adapts for small and large screen sizes.

Communication with our service always utilises a secure connection. We make multiple backups per day and store them in an offsite location to guarantee data safety.

Note: Hospbit is no longer publicly available. It went private in 2015.


"I make use of the maintenance module since early April. I use this system to register all issues discovered either by colleagues or hotel customers. In the mean time we integrated this system in all departments of the hotel. Especially the search/filter functionality is extremely useful to search through data and discover recurring issues. In all, we are very satisfied with the functionality of this application."

- Facility Manager of Hotel Casa 400


My role in this project was the design and front-end development. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript was handcrafted, used Bootstrap to rapidly develop the front-end.


Only a video of the design survived through time.


Hospbit Logo