My own projects

January 2023 - today

Working on Quiet.

Coffee IT

November 2021 - today

I started as junior iOS Developer for Coffee IT. In one year I grew to a medior iOS Developer and started designing.

Launched one app, worked continuously on 3 other apps, continued building a framework that integrates in apps for Airlines (Lufthansa for example). Been a designer for a 1 year. Designed 3 apps on my own and helped out with several other apps.


May 2016 - July 2022

Lighthouse16 was my own company, creating apps for the Apple platform with privacy, security and intuitively designs in mind. Check the projects page for a full list of projects I worked on. I am the most proud of Quiet, an app that helped people to stay focused and unlearn bad habbits.


December 2012 - December 2015

Together with a few friends we build Hospbit, a SaaS tool that made tracking maintenance of buildings easier. We started with a pilot project in Hotel Casa. I was responsible for the front-end development, design and product owner.

Hotel Casa

October 2011 - December 2020

Working with guests and colleagues helped me grow as a person. At the end of my employment I was a supervisor of the Front Office, member of guest experience team, helped the hotel switch from window pc’s to Mac’s which lowered the IT budget immensely.

Freelance webdesign work

May 2008 - November 2010

I worked for a few different companies, to name two: Osage and AdamsYoung (now it is called Eresults). Also had my own clients. Made new web designs, did front-end work, styled newsletters and more work that had to do with web development.