Making Quiet open source


I will no longer make Quiet open source.


Big news! I am in the process of making Quiet open source.

This involves dividing the project into three distinct parts:

  • quiet-app will focus on developing and enhancing of the Mac and iOS apps
  • quiet-localisations will handle the localisation of content into various languages
  • quiet-rules will manage the control mechanisms for website blocking

Why the shift? It's all about embracing openness and transparency in how Quiet operates. Opening up the project allows others to contribute, making Quiet even better for all users. You don't have to be a coding expert by fixing bugs, addressing localisation issues, or suggesting new rules are all valuable contributions.

The aim is to complete the transition to an open-source model by the second quarter of the year. Once this happens, everyone can access, review, and enhance the code. I'm inviting everyone to join this journey toward a more streamlined internet, free from unnecessary distractions.

#100DaysToOffload 2/100