Quiet 4.2 - new app icon and visionOS support

New app icon

After 7 (almost 8) years it was really time for a new app icon for Quiet. Check it out! A beautiful new colour calming mix of green/blue, a bubble for you to be in, and waves that symbolises the constant never ending distractions in everyday life.

Quiet App Icon

Nice layered app icon for visionOS:

I absolutely love it and I hope you do to.

This app icon is all thanks to, the master in app icon design, Matthew Skiles. If you ever need an app icon, I highly recommend him.

visionOS support

Quiet on visionOS, block tab

After macOS, iOS, and iPadOS; visionOS will be the 4th platform Quiet works on. Love the glass looks, how the tabbar works. And how easy it was to add visionOS support to Quiet.

Pictures and words do not say enough. So here is a video:


Furthermore I made some rule updates, and incorporated the feedback you provided. I also took care of some bugs.

Quiet's here to help you stay focused. Enjoy the new vibe and keep being productive!

Download Quiet 4.2

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What is next?

  • make Quiet open source
  • create a vision document for the future of Quiet
  • new hide rule: hide Google Login sheet you find on so much websites nowadays
  • new block rule: block Mastodon servers
  • make multiple sets of custom list of websites you want to block possible, so it is easier to switch
#100DaysToOffload 9/100